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Good for Children, Your Business, and The Community
A school is the lifeblood of a community. It's where parents, teachers, grandparents, and supporters gather to share experiences and ideas. It's where children grow, learn, and prepare to be the next generation of adults and employees.

It's also where your business can give back to the community, make valuable connections, and earn loyal customers, both present and future.   The Tiger Fund, supported by fundraising events, is the perfect opportunity for your business to do just that.

By participating in our events, you'll clearly demonstrate your support for education in the community.  In return, TS will encourage its family and friends to support your business.

This joining of forces, and show of mutual loyalty and support, promises to have a positive impact on everyone involved: our children, our school, your business, and the greater community as a whole. It's an opportunity that should not be missed.


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