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Since 1971, TS has nurtured the souls and enriched the minds of young people in Contra Costa County. While we are proud of our past, and are always planning for our future. We must take the steps necessary to ensure our school can continue to provide the outstanding Christ-centered academics, fine arts opportunities, sports programs, and scholastic facilities our children need to, in order to grow, compete, and succeed.

We Must Choose
To accomplish this - to support the mission of TS and the futures of our children - we must join together as a united, giving community. We must freely share blessings of Time, Talent and Treasures. We must renew our investment in and our commitment to Christ , academic excellence, and to preparing our children for lives of prosperity and service.  We only have one chance to educate a child: to instill a dedication to Christ, encourage academic achievement, and prepare them for a productive life. Together, we can gather the resources we need to guarantee that TS can continue to nurture, excite, challenge, protect, and prepare our children for many years to come.  We strive to keep tuition affordable, the Tiger Fund will bridge the gap of the actual cost of an education (tuition) and the necessary funds to update and maintain facilities, new technology hardware, and provide to the TS financial aid fund.

Your Time and Talent, Join Us
Our success in this undertaking is critical. If we believe - and we all do - in the enduring value of a Christian-based education and the potential of each of our children, we will give of ourselves. Faithfully, selflessly, and in loyal service to God.

No Treasure is too big, or too Small
Every dime is needed, and every gift is greatly appreciated. As a donor, you can rest assured we will work tirelessly to manage these funds with wisdom, grace and efficiency, drawing as much educational value out of each dollar as possible. Working together, we can address the following immediate, ongoing, and future needs.


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