Lauren Morgan
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Hey everyone! Miss Lauren here, or Mrs. Morgan, or Coach, or Peashooters, or Yamz...I have acquired a few nicknames since starting here!

I have been working here at Tabernacle for three years now as a PE Teacher, and I also coach girl's Softball, Volleyball, and Soccer. When I am not partaking in sports related shenanigans, I can be found chatting away with any number of daycare kids/staff.

My baby sister will be in the 8th grade this year--and I love that I get to see/teach/coach/tease/hug her at work!!

I am also happily married to "Mr. Morgan" who is teaching third grade on our Tabernacle team!! We have been married for five years and dated for five before that! (Whaaat!) We love the Lord and we have two dogs who are our pride and joy when we aren't here with the kiddos!