Gia Francis
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Interim JK Director

My name is Gia Francis and I have the privilege of being a teacher at Tabernacle.  This position allows me to interact with funny, smart and caring “kiddos” each day who challenge me but allow me to challenge them as well.  I have one of the best jobs on campus as I get to work with a variety of grade levels teaching several different subjects.  My days are never boring as this opportunity sharpens my creativity - inspiring me to look for new ways to present information in order to tap into the various learning styles in my classroom.  This approach (Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences theory), also happens to be one of the tenets of Tabernacle; which sets us apart from many schools.

I am a Bay Area native.  I have a wonderful family which includes my best friend and husband of twenty-one years, my “taller than me” son and my mini-me daughter.  We have been blessed to live in this community for eleven years; which has been filled with fun and laughable memories and a wonderfully supportive community of friends.

I’ve been associated with Tabernacle either as a parent or a teacher for the past 11 years.  I pray that you will find it as familial, nurturing, spiritual and intellectual as I have.