Summer Daycare Information

Summer Safety Guidelines
Shorts must have at least a 6-inch inseam: biker shorts or stretch pants must be covered by shorts; no two piece swim suits are allowed; no tank tops are allowed; no make-up is allowed; no ipods, cell phones, tablets or radios are allowed; shoes should be comfortable and protective for walking, running, kicking, hiking and playing games. If a child is wearing inappropriate clothing, we will give them school clothes to 'rent' for the day. Students are responsible for all item brought to daycare (basketballs, gloves, toys, coats, etc.) Make sure that your child's name is on everything he/she brings to daycare.

T-Shirt Days
T-Shirt days are marked on the events calendar; Daycare t-shirts must be worn by all students attending the activity. T-Shirts may be purchased for $10.00 the first week of summer daycare. If your child does not wear a daycare T-Shirt on a required day, they will be loaned one, and a $5.00 fee will be charged to your account.

Activity Fee
Activity fees are provided on our online daycare calendar. Charges will be applied to your account through FACTS.

Please have your child arrive at daycare at least one-half hour before the scheduled time to leave for the trip. This will enable us to have an accurate count before boarding the bus. Return times are approximate, subject to traffic conditions.

Lunches for Monday - Friday can be order through Choice Lunch during the summer months. Please check your calendar as some days require a sack lunch, or lunch may be provided through the activity.

Spending Money
Students may bring spending money to daycare. Younger children (grades K - 2) need to turn their money in to the money back when they first arrive at daycare. A teacher will be in charge of the money bank. Older children are encouraged to turn in their money as well.  If they choose not to use the money bank, they are responsible for their own personal money.