Why Tabernacle School?

At Tabernacle School, we love children and want to see them grow up and become all that they can be. We will work hard to provide the kind of education and learning environment that will help them to blossom as unique individuals created in the image of God.  We partnership with you, the parents, in developing well-prepared children with the character and vision to meet their world with confidence.

Our families and their children will receive a commintment of excellence in academic educational instruction and co-curricular opportunities all within a safe, loving, Christian environment.


Spiritual Development

Our aim is to lead the student into a pattern of life and receptiveness towards the Lord Jesus of the Bible.  Jesus is the central figure of our school; He is a person, not a religious system.  He invites everyone to become His scholar, believe in Him, and receive eternal life.

Academic Excellence

We strive to provide an excellent academic experience for every student.  Our average class sizes of 22 or less allow our dedicated and qualified teachers to develop personal relationships with their students. As a result, TS students consistently test well above national averages on standardized examinations. In addition to our core academic subjects, students are exposed to physical education, computer programs, Spanish, music, drama and art.


We believe physical activity is not only good for the body but for the mind of a child as well. Our 1st ~ 8th grade student has P.E. everyday.  When they enter our middle school, they are able to participate with our award winning teams. Over 50% of our students choose to participate in a sport, with many playing on two or three teams per year. Our coaches emphasize faith, character and commitment.  We are happy to have many alumni who have gone on to high school, college, and professional athletic sports levels.


In order to support our belief that intelligence is multidimensional, we employ gifted teachers to match our ten intelligences.  We engage our students in music, arts, and technology.  Our students play drums to violins.  Vocal skills are taught to all students through our musicals.  Our students enjoy to sing!  

Multiple Intelligences

We are made in the image and likeness of God and each individual is incredibly unique.  There is only one of you in the world.  Have you ever wondered why schools seem to agree that only the math and English people are intelligent?  This is a very narrow attitude, and indeed, very hurtful for so many children.  Tabernacle has worked to broaden the concept of intelligence, because we are convinced that Jesus would expect us to do this.  Over the years we have embraced the theory that students are smart in different ways.  We have helped them see themselves as having a broad range of capabilities to be used in numerous professions.

Community Involvement

We believe it is important to serve others around you by helping and providing in various ways.  Through out the year Tabernacle students help with others in many ways.  From helping our Military families who are away with care packages to helping our local homeless.  We send boxes to Operational Christmas Child in Africa to spending time with our local convalescent home.

Leadership Training

We prepare our students to be the Christian leaders of our Nation.  Children are the national treasure and everything that prepares them for life is deeply embedded in their minds from birth to twelve years of age.  We believe many of our students will become leaders. 


At Tabernacle School, we have a safe and secure campus.   We have all school visitors sign in with our front office.  All parent volunteers are screened through a finger print life scan system.  We teach the children that love and respect are so important to have with each other.


We strive to on being good stewards of our resources while providing the best educational experience for our families.
We maintain lower tuition costs than many private schools in the area.  This is possible by wise management and generous fundraising of our families.