Supply List

2018 - 2019 Student Supply List

Transitional Kindergarten - Recently added

It is very important that your child have their backpack everyday with a change of uniform clothes.Medium size backpack - No rollers
One 8-coundt washable markers
Chage of clothes to be kept in backpack - Socks included - Chapel dress recommended
Bedding for naps - crib-size sheet, blanket & small pillow

A note will be sent home when your child needs new markers or glue sticks.

Please save the following items: Box Tops, Treasure Drawer Items, Disinfectant Wipes, Mosi


Backpack (with change of uniform clothing included)
Small pencil box
Glue sticks
Two pocket folders
Washable markers
1 set watercolor paint palette
Do not bring: pencils, sharperners, or scissors

3rd Grade

Pencil box clearly labeled
#2 pencils
Glue sticks
Red pen
Large eraser
Colored pencils
12' ruler (with centimeters and inches)
5 Folders with Pockets
Binder paper - (8 1/2 x 11), wide ruled
2 composition type notebooks
Multiplication flashcards
Small backpack to fit on hook
Fine point dry erase markers

6th Grade

Pens (blue, black and red ink) #2 pencils
Colored pencils (set of 8) Scissors
Ruler (w/centimeters and inches)
Loose-leaf lined paper (college rule)
Pencil pouch-no boxes
50 3x5 cards
Composition Book (6)
TI-36x Pro scientific calc. Highlighter                   Accordion Folder

*Only cinch bags may be brought into classrooms

1st Grade

Small pencil box
1 set of watercolors
12" wooden ruler (w/centimeters and inches)
Backpack (no binders)
2 standard pink erasers
#2 pencils - sharpened
1 folder w/pockets
Washable markers
Do not bring pencil sharpeners

4th Grade

Crayons, markers and colored pencils to stay at school
Red, black and blue pens
Glue sticks
2 homework folders
2 composition type notebooks
200 3x5 cards
1 three ringed binder (2 inch)
# 2 pencils - sharpened
12" ruler (w/centimeters and inches)
Wide ruled lined paper
Small hand held calculator
Yellow highlighter
30 dividers for binder (numbered 1-30)

7th & 8th Grades

Pens (blue or black ink and red)
#2 pencils
Yellow highlighter
Pencil pouch (no boxes)
Colored pencils (set of 8)
Folder for each subject
Binder paper, college ruled

Ruler, protractor, compass
TI-36x Pro scientific calculator
Composition notebook
8th Algebra-Graph Paper

Composition notebook
2 folders with brads
College ruled lined paper

Composition Book (college rule)

Composition Notebook (2)

Composition Notebook (2)

*Only cinch bags may be brought into classrooms

2nd Grade

Notebook Paper - wide ruled, 3 hole punch
12" ruler (w/centimeters and inches)
Crayons and markers
2 folders for paper (no binders)
Small pencil box or zippered pouch
# 2 pencils - sharpened

5th Grade

Pink erasers
3 pens - blue/black
3 red pens
#2 pencils - lots
NO mechanical pencils
Loose-leaf binder paper - college ruled, no spiral
Colored pencils (set of 24)
Pencil pouch (no box)
Scissors - intermediate
Dry erase markers
Dry marker eraser or sock
Binder - 3 inch with front pocket, hard bound
Websters New World College Dictionary
1 large glue stick
Bottle of tacky glue
1 pocket folder
Gel pens - optional
White out tape


Do not bring:  iPods/Game Boys/Cell Phones/Toys/Mechanical Pencils

3rd - 8th Grade assignment books are provided.