Spelling Bee

2017 Spelling Bee Updates

5-6th Grade Tabernacle School Spelling Bee Winners

1st Place-Alexa Parco

2nd Place-Ethan Nguyen

3rd Place-Jacob Lambuth


7-8th Grade Tabernacle School Spelling Bee Winners

1st Place-Joshua Jayaprakash

2nd Place-Audrey Parco

3rd Place-Gabriel Merritt


District Spelling Bee Results from Chinese Christian Schools in Alameda, February 3rd

6th Grade Competition-Taylor Whitmore, 4th Place

7th Grade Competition-Mallory Dean, 4th Place

8th Grade Competition-Joshua Jayaprakash, 1st Place

Joshua Jayaprakash also took 2nd place overall in the spelling bee and went on to compete in the ACSI Regional Spelling Bee in Pasadena on February 25th. 



Tabernacle School Spelling Bee, February 10th Results

1st Grade

1st Place-Jackson Cook

2nd Place-Emily Trif

3rd Place-Adriell McIntosh

2nd Grade

1st Place-Sharon Victor

2nd Place-Rene Rountree

3rd Place-Chase Young

3rd Grade

1st Place-Colter Middleton

2nd Place-Lukas Mittone

3rd Place-Addison Chung

4th Place

1st Place-Shayla Britto

2nd Place (tie) - May Boyer, Micaela Fromm, Solomon Fraga


1-4th Grade District Spelling Bee Results, March 17th

Lukas Mittone took 1st place in the third grade competition. 

Sharon Victor took 3rd place in the second grade competition.

May Boyer took 4th place in the fourth grade competition. 



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