Middle School Discipline Policy

Tabernacle Middle School Discipline Policy


The demerit system is a guide for discipline in the sixth through eighth grades at Tabernacle School. The positive side of discipline is stressed through our Character Counts program. In order to maintain the highest standards of character and academic excellence at all times, the administration expects students to abide by standards of respectfulness and responsibility. Failure to abide by the rules and regulations set forth in the Tabernacle Parent/Student Handbook will result in the issuing of demerits or other disciplinary actions. 


The goal of our discipline policy is to keep students accountable for their behavior and to promote an environment of cooperation and learning. A student will receive a demerit for any disrespectful, defiant, or irresponsible behavior. Demerits accrue each school year from the start of August until the end of the school year. If a student receives a demerit then the teacher or administrator issuing the demerit will fill out a behavior report in Renweb and the parents will be notified of the infraction and the number of demerits issued.

Demerits serve as a record of a student’s behavior and a communication tool for parents to aid in the character development of their child. Students will be given various amounts of demerits based on the type and severity of the behavior. Demerits may be given at the discretion of the administration for irregular disciplinary scenarios not covered by the list below. Students can be held responsible for their actions away from campus, and may be asked to withdraw from Tabernacle School at the administration’s request. Demerits may be doubled or otherwise increased for successive violations or when the offense is deliberate and/or defiant. 



10 demerits­ - One lunch detention for each 10 demerits earned, served the following school day
20 demerits­ - One hour after school Thursday detention (3:00 - ­4:00)
                      One week extracurricular suspension
40 demerits­ - One day out of school suspension
                      Parent teacher conference with administration, and will be ineligible to participate
                      in Tabernacle extracurricular activities for the remainder of the season.  The student
                      will be ineligible to participate in field trips, including the 6th grade Wolf Mountain trip. 
60 demerits­ - Two day out of school suspension
                      Immediate disqualification from Tabernacle extracurricular activities
                      for the remainder of the school year
                      Students who reach 60 or more demerits may not be able to re­enroll for the
                      upcoming school year at the discretion of the administration.
80 demerits­ - Expulsion from school for the remainder of the school year at the
                      discretion of the administration, possible alternative schooling options 


Unexcused tardy 1
Unprepared for class 1
Leaving books/cinch bags/supplies outside the locker


Dress code violation (double after 2nd offense) 1
Eating in class 2
Chewing gum at school 2
Excessive talking 2
Passing notes in class or chapel 2
Running/disruptive behavior in halls 2
Loitering/wandering 2
Disruptive behavior in class, chapel, lunch, or recess 2
Disrespectful behavior 3
Defiance of authority 3
Dishonesty 3
Leaving class without permission 3
Cell phone usage (phone will need to be picked up by parents in front office) 3
Violation of electronic use policy (device can be picked up in the front office) 3
Public displays of affection 3
Violation of locker contract 3
Cheating or the appearance of cheating (plus failure on assignment) 3-10
Plagiarism/forgery (failure on assignment) 5-10
Inappropriate language and cussing 5-10
Taunting/teasing 5-10
Slander/gossip 5
Obscene jokes
Hurting another student 5-10
Vandalism 10
Sharing passwords 10
Stealing (plus restitution) 20
Fighting, initiation or participating 20-40
Sexual harassment 20-40
Verbal harassment (including racial or homophobic slurs) 20-40
Possession of fireworks, matches, lighters, pocket knife 20-40
Possession of pornography 40
Possession of weapons on campus Exp
Possession or distribution of drugs or paraphernalia Exp