Elective Advantage


In addition to teaching all of the core subjects, each student in 1-8th grades has PE daily.  All elementary students participate in art, music, library, computers, and Spanish classes as weekly electives.  Students in 7th and 8th grades are able to choose electives based on interest.  We have an extensive list of electives including:  cooking, drawing, painting, book club, ceramics, golf, performing arts, speech, aviation, and Spanish.   Students rotate through additional electives quarterly.  Tabernacle School participates in the ACSI spelling bees (1st-8th grades), the ACSI middle school speech meet, the NFL Punt, Pass and Kick Competition, and the Presidential Physical Fitness Program.  


Extra curricular activites are also available at Tabernacle School.  Students entering kindergarten may take violin lessons with our music teacher.  Beginning and advanced band starts in 4th grade and continues through graduation.  Tabernacle's athletic department provides after school sports for boys and girls.