Elective Advantage


In addition to teaching all of the core subjects, each student in 1-8th grades has PE daily.  All elementary students participate in art, music, library (TK-2nd), RazKids Reading (1st-5th) and computers classes as weekly electives.  Students in 7th and 8th grades are able to choose electives based on interest.  We have an extensive list of electives including:  cooking, drawing, painting, book club, ceramics, golf, performing arts, speech, aviation, and Spanish.   Students rotate through additional electives quarterly.  Tabernacle School participates in spelling bees (1st-5th grades) and the Presidential Physical Fitness Program.  

Extra curricular activities are also available at Tabernacle School.  Students entering kindergarten may take violin lessons with a music teacher.  Beginning and advanced band starts in 4th grade and continues through graduation.  Tabernacle's athletic department provides after school sports for boys and girls for 6th - 8th.