Resource Program

At this time the resource program has been restructured due to the Coronavirus.  For resource questions please contact Emily Zeller for further assistance in the interim.  


Resource Coordinator  

Emily Zeller


Tabernacle Resource Program

This course is for students of Tabernacle School who have been accepted into the Resource Program. The purpose of this course is to provide academic support for children experiencing difficulty with one or more academic areas.  Resource is offered to students from kindergarten through eighth grade.

Enrollment in Resource

Students may be enrolled in the Resource program through recommendation by parents, teachers or administrators. If a student is referred to Resource, but has no known prior difficulty, assessments are administered to ascertain possible avenues of learning difficulty. From these assessments, the Resource director will determine areas of strengths and weaknesses, what classroom accommodations might be indicated, what skills need to be enhanced, and possible referrals for continued assessment.


Students who are accepted into the Resource program will meet with the Resource director and a schedule will be created. Once a student becomes part of the Resource program, parents are encouraged to contact the Resource director at any time with particular concerns that need to be addressed. Conferences may be conducted to meet with all teachers, parents, principal and Resource director.


Accommodation plans are drawn up by the Resource director and shared with all teachers. Accommodations include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • extended testing time
  • oral test-taking
  • assistance with organization
  • aid with expression of written work

Parents of students with recognized learning disabilities are encouraged to contact the school and make an appointment with the Resource director

Program Fees

The cost for the Resource program is $40 per hour.  This will be billed to your account at the end of each month.

Resource Application

A Resource application can be picked up in the front office or downloaded from the following link:  Resource Application