I don't know if you recall my children, Katie and Charley Koontz who graduated from Tabernacle in 1997 and 2001. I know Tabernacle keeps track of its alumni and I just wanted to give you an update on what they have been doing since leaving TBS.

As you may know, Charley attended De La Salle High School and participated in theater for his last couple of years there. Because of his interest in acting, he chose Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, graduated Cum Laude and has pursued acting since then. 

We are very proud of his achievements: he has appeared in a Papa Murphy's pizza commercial played locally, a Teen Nick series called "Gigantic", and a movie called "Rubber" that is currently playing on demand and is in theaters starting April 1 (the Lumiere Theater in SF). He starred in an episode ("Dungeons and Dragons") of Community on NBC, and had a role in an episode of "Perfect Couples", also on NBC. He is currently filming a pilot for a TV show called "Worker's Comp" and prepping for the second film for Quentin Depieux, the producer of "Rubber".

Let me give you a quick update on Charley's sister Katie as well. She is in her 5th year of teaching elementary school. She graduated from St Mary's College in Moraga with a Master's degree and teaching credential and is currently teaching second grade at Cambridge School in Concord. Most of her students are Spanish-speaking so Katie is taking Spanish language classes to be more effective.

I am a proud Mom, I admit! Just thought you might enjoy hearing about a couple of your graduates!

~Elizabeth Koontz
Past Parent


Six years ago, when it came time to look for a school for our oldest daughter, Brianna, who was going to be entering the first grade, we wanted a school that was going to give her the education she was going to need, but more importantly, we wanted a school that would help encourage her faith in God. We wanted a school that would reinforce mutual respect  among both students and staff along with the same morals, beliefs and behavior that we teach in our home. My husband and I found that at Tabernacle. Our children spend a large portion of their day at school and we thought it was important that the atmosphere mirrored that of our home.

We now have three kids who attend Tabernacle. Over the years of our children attending this school, we really try to be involved when and where we can.  Both my husband and I  have taken the opportunity to chaperone field trips, volunteer for classroom parties and have been part of the Parent/Teacher (TIP) committee for the last several years. This involvement is encouraged at Tabernacle and allows us to really get to know the teachers, supporting staff and student body. Spending this time has let us see firsthand the kindness and encouragement they give to all the students, and we appreciate that. 

Some of the extra things we love about Tabernacle is that they encourage fellowship between upper and lower classmen. As an example, they have implemented  programs whereby older children are paired with younger children to help teach and encourage reading skills.  As a family who serves, we appreciate that throughout the year the school encourages the children to help make a difference in the lives of others less fortunate as them with the Sarah Denison project “Friends Feeding Friends”,  the “Samaritan Purse” at Christmas time and raising funds to help other countries  in time of need after natural disasters.   These are just to name a few.

Choosing to send our three children to Tabernacle was a great decision.  The kids enjoy going and have made great friends over the years. Not only the kids, but Tony and I have developed great friendships with many other Tabernacle families. To me, it truly feels like our extended family.

~Tony and Kathy Simeone
Current Parent


Tabernacle was very influential to the jump start of my life.  The school instilled values in me that will guide me to be a better person in society, a better friend, athlete and a better man of God.  Since Tabernacle, I have graduated from De La Salle High School and was a part of the varsity football team beginning my sophomore year.   We won two state championships.  I furthered my schooling and football career at New Mexico State.  I hope to continue my life successfully and excel through out all my endeavors.

~Alexander Taylor, 2006 TS Graduate
New Mexico State Student


I attended Tabernacle from kindergarten through 8th grade and felt it was a great experience and atmosphere for me. From my nine years spent there I have many great memories from all areas of the school including the field trips, class projects, sports teams and the lifelong friendships that I built. It prepared me not only for high school but for life as well. I have maintained relationships with many of the teachers, and still go back to visit during my time off. Tabernacle has made a considerably large impact on the man I am today, and I'm thankful to have been given the opportunity to attend this school.

~Clayton Tanner, 2002 TS Graduate
Professional Baseball Player with the Cincinnati Reds Organization