Sarah Deniston

February 26th, 1995 - August 5th, 2003

Sarah Deniston - "If I were a flower, I would be pink. I would be a rose."

"From the moment she was born, she brought sunshine into our lives. Everything that she loved, she loved with all her heart. Sarah was our middle child, she used to tell people that she was the bologna in the sandwich."
Dana Deniston - Sarah's Mom

"While at Train Town in Sonoma, Sarah and I rode the swing ride. When the ride reached its peak, Sarah turned around, and with a big smile she said, "Dad, let go of the swing. Daddy let go!" She was still looking back at me smiling, while she had her arms raised up in the air, her hair blowing in the breeze framed against the blue sky. If only I had a camera. What a great picture this would make, since she is such a beautiful girl."
Mark Deniston - Sarah's Dad

"Sarah, your sparkling smile was just like a diamond; it made my day every morning. It was so unforgettable. Your love for others was awesome. Sarah, I miss you coming to my house Friday! Friday is not the same with out you! I really miss playing Polly Pockets with you a lot! You are still my best friend even though you are not here with us today! I love and miss you! I'm wishing you the best 9th birthday ever!"
Kristina Waters - Sarah's Friend

"Sarah has left us all with so many extraordinary memories. She truly is a light that will shine on in our hearts forever!"
Mrs. Borde - Sarah's Kindergarten Teacher

"Memory of a Friend"
I met you as a stranger. We embraced as best friends
I hope we meet in God's heavenly gates. Where our friendship will never end.

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