About Us


Our Mission Statement:

Teaching in all areas of life, the Truth,
as centered in the Lord Jesus of the Bible.

Tabernacle School will impact children with the message of Jesus Christ.  We desire to instill in our students a sense of worth and competence.  It is our vision to create a school spirit which will emphasize the unique giftedness of all students and mold their characters in wisdom and truth.

Tabernacle School was founded in 1971 under the umbrella of Tabernacle Baptist Church as an evangelical outreach ministry.  From their small beginnings of five kindergarten students in 1971, they have grown to hundreds of students in grades PK-8.  For many years the facilities were filled to capacity and were not able to accommodate continued growth.  Tabernacle has continued to be blessed with a stable enrollment over the past years, even with the economic downturn.    

In 1987, Tabernacle implemented changes to the school programs to reflect how the Lord Jesus would respond to children.  Traditionally schools have recognized/rewarded children for giftedness within a narrow range of abilities.  TS firmly believes that all children are gifted, and that the school’s responsibility is to help students discover/develop those abilities with which God has gifted them.  The GIFT program assures that all children are recognized for at least one of eight areas of giftedness—even those who are not exceptionally gifted in the traditional areas of logic/linguistics.  

TS also introduced a character program, Learning Important Values Everyday (LIVE), which zeroes in on six basic qualities for which the children are recognized at quarterly award assemblies.  In addition, teachers reinforce these qualities as they see them lived out in the lives of the children.  Teachers are encouraged to send children to the office as they are “caught being good.”  The LIVE coordinator hand writes special post cards to students’ parents informing them of the commendable behavior.  Students also select a prize from the Treasure Chest.

When the walls came down in many of the communist countries in 1989-90, the world experienced an incredible paradigm shift.  Tabernacle School felt that God was leading them to help establish Christian schools in these countries and to have a part in sharing the good news of the gospel. The school continues to identify opportunities to impact their world.

In 1996 the Chairman of the Board of Elders of Tabernacle Baptist Church made a proposal to the Board that the school separate from the church. Due process was followed, and the church membership approved the separation.  A lease agreement with the church for the use of the buildings was formed.

At the beginning of the 2000 school year, a management team was formed to operate the day-to-day operations, and the superintendent moved onto the Board of Directors.  She served as the Founder/Director, to whom the Principal and management team was accountable.

The school board is responsible for the mission, vision, and finances of the school; and the administrative team is responsible for the day-to-day management of the school.  The present board manual reflects the policies for this model.

Over the past three years the school has continued to strive for excellence under new administration.  Mrs. Bridges remains as the school founder, but is no longer involved in the day-to-day operations.  The board continues to be responsible for the mission, vision and leading of the school. 


We are dually accredited by the Association for Christian Schools International and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. Each year our students test and rank nationally through the Stanford Achievement Test (SAT).