Rita Taneja


Mrs. Taneja was born in Maryland and traveled extensively as a child. Her father’s diplomatic service took the family to many countries. She began her education in Beijing, China, in a school run by French nuns. After leaving the elementary grade, she studied in Cairo, Egypt and in India.
She completed her education in India and graduated from the University of Delhi. Following graduation, Mrs. Taneja taught for nearly 20 years in the Christian Schools in India, before coming to teach at Tabernacle School in 2005. She was known for her pure compassion and dedication to the Lord and each and every student He placed under her wing.   Even during the course of her illness, her primary mission was to make certain the kids were able to maintain structure and continuity in her absence. During the difficult days before her passing, she was presented cards and a photo of her class – it was then that she broke into a huge smile and exclaimed “those are my kids”! 
The staff at Tabernacle loved Mrs. Taneja dearly, enjoying her sense of humor and great spirit.   She would travel home to India to see family and never failed to bring back thoughtful gifts that are so treasured.   She had an extraordinary talent for creating jewelry from beadwork and loved all brilliant colors to enhance her jewelry and clothing.   She was the epitome of graciousness and understanding. Each day we will think of her and smile, just as she would want.